Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fall planting is DONE!

I ain't planting no more tomatoes this year. But I am working on my 2010 list ;)

We finally got rain!!! Close to 2 inches so that has had me waiting ( gladly I might add). The next few days are forecast with a good chance for more rain so these had to get set out. Until the 2 inch day, I had seen only a quarter inch total for the prior 5 weeks.
But I'm done planting and should be able to get back to updating after a couple of days getting caught up with harvesting ... and seed saving ... and canning and ...
It has just about become a full time job.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Am I doing this again?

Fall planting has begun. I can't really understand why I am setting out more plants. Just want to grow them all I reckon ;)

The next few days will be extra busy getting the rest of this planting done and trying to keep up with all else. I literally have hundreds of pounds of tomatoes to process/can. It does not take long for them to add up with some of these ... 1 lb 9+ oz Aussie, 1 lb 3 oz 1884 that I updated pics on.
Tired, hungry and dirty ... Calling it a day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Day

Spent today mainly fighting tractors! This spot had trees up to 10 feet tall in it earlier this morning.
The Bobcat worked flawlessly again and made short work of tree removal. The tiller attachment was on one tractor that I found to have a busted hose on but had been wondering if a smaller one would handle it and it went down hill from there.
The smaller tractor had a backhoe attachment on it that I had never taken off so that was the first part of the fun. Then I had to contact the dealer because I could not figure out how to disable the rear aux hydraulics and enable the lift. The one that could answer was at lunch.
Got that fixed as it was just a screw to turn a couple of rounds. Then I was not sure that the tiller would fit so I tried a bush hog. Didn't take but an hour or so to get it hooked up as all of those parts had never been used and were stuck/painted/rusted and I had to find the other parts needed. The ones that came with the tractor but had been "put in the barn" where I would not forget where I put them.
So now I'm hooked up and remembered the brush that I had been promising the wife to tend to. Another hour gone and then on to dropping the bush hog from the one, the tiller from the other and hooking back up.
Long day but this should make a fine Fall garden spot now.

And these puppies should have already been out but they are close to a new home.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Part of it

Spent the day dealing with seed saving. Plenty of stuff to do but ... fermentation awaits nothing. When it is time to process, it must be done.
By the same token, when a mater is ripe .... it is time to extract the seeds. So that is where I stand. Drought/disease is taking its tole but things have to be done.

Surely this will be easier

Busy! Tons of stuff going on and this drought does nothing to help. So we'll see if this is easier to keep current.